GMC Trucks

GMC has been a mainstay in American automotive since 1911. Since that time, it has built a reputation for building trucks that are powerful and reliable. Many owners wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without them, but GMC trucks have also become extremely popular with people who don’t actually need them for work.

The GMC Sierra 2500 and Sierra 3500

The GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 share automotive genetics with another very popular heavy-duty truck, the Chevrolet Silverado.

For the most part, GMC hasn’t altered the original model too much, though trim and add-on options have been varied a bit over the years. While the engines of early versions had substantial differences, that really hasn’t been the case in more than a decade.

The Duramax V8 Engine

Speaking of the engine, that’s one of the major selling points that have kept the GMC Sierra such a popular vehicle since the late 90s. Many owners opt for the Duramax V8 engine. This 6.6-liter diesel engine offers 8 variations:

  • LB7
  • LLY
  • LMM
  • LGH
  • LML
  • L5P
  • LMK

How to Get the Most from Your GMC Sierra

Whether you rely on your GMC Sierra for work, need it to get through challenging road conditions where you live, or just love the feeling of having that much power at your disposal, you’ll want to invest in the products that will allow it to perform at its best.

Some categories we recommend you consider include:

You can also upgrade your GMC Sierra with additions like bed covers and suspension upgrades.

Need Parts for Your GMC Sierra?

If you love your GMC Sierra, make sure it keeps performing for years to come by exploring the countless parts and supplies we offer at American Diesel Performance. Although the GMC Sierra is already manufactured to notoriously high standards, our inventory will allow you to get even more from it.