No Drop Fuel Tank Sump Kit With Fuel Return

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Just released from American Diesel Performance!! The fuel sump you have been waiting for. No need to drop that heavy and most of the time full fuel tank. No Need to drill 10 extra holes in the bottom of your tank, this gives 10 more ways to leak expensive diesel fuel. No need to cut thru existing fuel tank filler neck, another spot for possible fuel leakage. This unit only hangs down 1 3/8" below your existing tank. All in one high quality kit is everything you will need. The kit come with a bowl machined from T6 aluminum, mounting bracket, a 6" aluminum stand pipe for returned fuel, 2 brass push lock fittings, a very large over size Viton o-ring for sealing to tank, 2 stainless steel mounting bolts, fitted with steel washers incorporating o-rings. Everything touching the fuel is stainless steel or aluminum to prevent any rust from forming in your fuel tank. There have been many hours of research and testing with this unit. It is proven to be very dependable in the market. Never worry about 1/4 tank issue again.