If you own a diesel truck, it goes without saying that you want the best from your vehicle. Even if you don’t use your truck for work, certain improvements can mean enjoying your truck for several more years and avoiding unnecessary repair costs.

Universal Parts for Improving Your Diesel Truck

At American Diesel Performance, we love helping our fellow truck lovers get more from their vehicles. Here are six different categories you’ll find in our inventory.


Your diesel truck requires gas and oil in order to run. That said, you can greatly improve the way your engine works by providing it with additives. This will not only help to improve your engine’s everyday functioning but also it’s long-term performance.

Battery Pack

Owning a battery pack means you’ll be able to jumpstart your diesel truck if your battery ever dies, but that’s not all. You can also use these packs to power electronic devices like computers, tablets, phones, GPS units, videogame consoles, and much more.

Exhaust Tips

Not all improvements to your truck need to be for strictly functional purposes. If you’re a diesel truck enthusiast, then you’ll probably want to show off your vehicle by adding some exhaust tips to it.


Better lighting on your diesel truck makes for a safer ride. You may even want to improve the lighting on your truck for work-related purposes. Whatever the case, we offer everything from the fixtures themselves to light covers to light mounts and much more.

Replacement Fuel Filters

Every time you drive your diesel truck somewhere, its engine is being assaulted by particles of dirt and rust. Without a high-quality fuel filter, your engine’s lifespan will be diminished.

Towing Accessories

If you want to use your diesel truck for towing, you’ll need the right accessories. Specifically, you’ll need to a hitch, jacks, and levelers.

Want Help Improving Your Diesel Truck?

Even though we offer a vast inventory of products for your diesel truck, we know that many customers are grateful for help from one of our experts.

If you have any questions about how the above parts could benefit your truck, which ones to pick, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We value the opportunity to help.