Wagan Tech Products


It is not enough to be good at something. We believe in measuring our success by the impact we make in people’s lives. At Wagan, we are always growing, always learning, and always improving. We recognize great achievement, but we continue to strive for more. If we don’t continue to improve, we will lose our relevance as individuals and as a business.

We proudly support the international efforts of Sirona Cares Foundation.


Starting life in 1975 as "Honor Trading", WAGAN Corporation continues to follow the same guidelines the founding owner instilled: 
Honorable Business Practices, Corporate Responsibility, Continuous Improvement, and Innovation.

WAGAN Corporation believes that being Honorable is doing what is fundamentally right and taking pride in everything we do.

Being a Responsible Business means that WAGAN Corporation takes responsibility for our actions and are held accountable in the end.

Continuous Improvement is an all-encompassing statement. WAGAN Corporation believes that all aspects of our business must be continuously evolving and improving; from the products we deliver, the team members we employ, the processes we create, all the way to our customers. Continuous Improvement also speaks to WAGAN Corporation's need to help others. Working with organizations like Sirona Cares is the beating heart of WAGAN Corporation.

Innovation is the ability to create new value and ideas to stay relevant in the ever-changing market. Innovation creates new products that help to make your life more comfortable and convenient; a hallmark of Wagan Corporation’s mission.